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Residential Painting

Every Hinesville home could benefit from a fresh coat every now and then. Whether it’s on the outside to up the home’s curb appeal before it hits the open market or if you have a room or two that needs a new look to give your home a whole new feel, Hinesville homeowners can never underestimate just how much a fresh coat can do for their home. That said, we know that very few homeowners want to spend their valuable time covering or moving their furniture, taping baseboards and applying multiple coats. In fact, most people are so busy these days that they can barely take a minute to go through color swatches to see what their options are.


Residential Roofing

Hinesville homeowners work hard to make sure that there is a roof over their family’s heads. But what are Hinesville homeowners supposed to do when their roof stops serving its all-important purpose of keeping the elements at bay and their families safe and secure? The best thing to do is to pick up the phone and call (912) 332-1814 to speak with Clarks Home Improvement LLC. For years, Clarks Home Improvement LLC has been providing exceptional contracting services to residents of the Hinesville area. We do everything from remodels, fresh paint jobs, carpeting, electrical work and roofing.