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Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in your house. It should be a place of comfort, function and relaxation, so why not design a complete remodel? When you are looking for a general contractor in the Ludowici area, look no further than Clarks Home Improvement LLC. Whether you decide... Read More

Kitchen Remodeling

Clarks Home Improvement LLC provides full-service, premier kitchen remodeling in Ludowici. Our years of extensive industry experience and specialized products enable us to offer the best quality commercial and residential remodeling. We are your... Read More

Home Addition

Adding a home addition to your property is the best way to increase your current living space and add value to your home. When you purchased your home, you might not have had the need for increased space for living, storage or entertaining. Here at Clarks Home Improvement LLC... Read More

Residential Roofing

Each roofing system installed by experienced Clarks Home Improvement LLC professionals in Ludowici ultimately functions to protect your property as well as your peace of mind. With many years of reliable roofing experience, our specialists employ a systematic approach and apply proven work methods for optimal maintenance, efficient repair, and quality roof installation.Read More

Residential Roofing Repair

Many homeowners only realize they have a problem with the roof when it starts leaking. Clarks Home Improvement LLC Residential roofing repairs not only protect the roof of your home in Ludowici, but also preserve its entire structural integrity. If your roof has developed a leak during a heavy rainstorm or sustained damage due to fallen debris or branches, don’t wait until things get worse, contact Clarks Home Improvement LLC for emergency roof repairs in the Ludowici region at (912) 332-1814. Read More

Residential Painting

Clarks Home Improvement LLC understands that today’s fast-paced lifestyle means that most people are just too busy for home improvements like painting, plastering and especially all that prep work. We strive to make the entire process stress and worry-free, in addition to providing premium quality products and services that produce outstanding results.Read More

Commercial Painting

Clarks Home Improvement LLC in Ludowici offers efficient and reliable service with minimal disruption to your day-to-day commercial activity. If you want to make sure your commercial painting project is completed on time and on budget, you need to work with Clarks Home Improvement LLC. Read More

Residential Carpeting

Everyone wants their home to be warm and inviting. Why not start from the bottom up? Nothing makes a house into a home like luxurious wall to wall carpeting. Whether you want to replace your home’s old carpets or install new carpets for the first time, Clarks Home Improvement LLC is first choice for residential carpeting in the Ludowici area. We have a reputation in Ludowici for quality work and customer service, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to impress you.Read More

Flooring Systems

Everyone loves the classic look of a luxurious hardwood floor, but many people feel like the cost of installing a new floor is too high. Clarks Home Improvement LLC is here to tell you that if you own a home in Ludowici, that is not necessarily true. We offer a wide variety of hardwood floors for nearly any budget. There is no good reason to avoid installing hardwood floors, because they have a wide variety of both practical and aesthetic benefits.Read More

Lawn Mowing

One of the first things people notice is your lawn. An unkempt lawn reduces curb appeal, and looks sloppy, while a tidy one sends the message that you care about keeping things in good shape. At the same time however, mowing the lawn can be a hassle, especially if you’re dealing with old or insufficient equipment.Read More

Scheduled Housekeeping

Your busy schedule doesn't always leave time to do tedious chores like dusting, polishing, and mopping. Yet a clean, well-organized Ludowici home can reduce your stress and improve your quality of life. This is why Clarks Home Improvement LLC offers a variety of cleaning services.Read More

Move in & out Cleaning

Moving can be an incredibly stressful and busy time for any individual or family. Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, it is important to leave behind a clean space for the new residents. Clarks Home Improvement LLC can relieve the pressure of having to deep clean your previous home while juggling the stress of moving.Read More

Renovation Cleaning

Renovating your Ludowici home can be even more stressful than moving. Anyone who has ever made additions or changes to their home knows how chaotic it can sometimes be. Clarks Home Improvement LLC is experienced in the process of cleaning construction and renovation sites during and after the work is completed. With a keen eye and focus on details, we will make sure your new living space is everything you wanted when you began your remodeling project.Read More

Residential Electrical

A well-functioning home electrical system requires routine upkeep to ensure a safe, comfortable environment is maintained. To this end, Clarks Home Improvement LLC provides people of Ludowici with superior electrical services thanks to their vast experience in the field. That’s why those in search of a quality residential electrician look to Clarks Home Improvement LLC as a leader in the industry.Read More


Plumbing problems are frustrating. We understand that, and that is why we are the expert providers of plumbing services, repair, sewer and drain cleaning in the Ludowici area. Here at Clarks Home Improvement LLC, our staff is comprised of licensed journeyman plumbers, and our expertise in the industry enables us to feel confident that we can resolve any size issue. We have installed and serviced systems of a wide variety of residences and commercial properties, ranging from single-family homes to large corporate buildings. Our entire team participates in continuing education for the industry and are knowledgeable about the latest innovations.Read More